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What Is FAU, And What Is Its Purpose?

FAU is a union/clan on the minecraft server, Flocraft. (For info, please see )
It was originally created to be a union that would live on the edge of the world border, to slowly envelop the entire map in a large wall.  
This was abandoned, when the leader, (BR_PremiumAxolotl) decided that was a foolish idea. It is now focused on making rare and valuable items accessible to anyone, for free, and making shops to sell different items. 
Current members, as of January 22nd 2022, are:

Owner: BR_PremiumAxolotl / Ammika_  (same person)

Co-owner: BR_UltimateFox64



Affiliates (not part of union, but are important):

PoisonousGamin (no longer active, lost contact)
WizenThunder 513

Why Should I Consider Joining The Union?

FAU consists of some of the best MC players to ever play. Such as, ultimatefox, who can complete massive tasks in short amounts of time, and can build any farm, beyond, who is a master of psychological manipulation, able to negotiate trades with other unions at ridiculous prices, BeeHugg, who is a well situated member in the FLO community, who helps us stay oriented with the community, SamuraiX, who

Was the first guest to the FAU clan base, so he has a special rank in the union, and me. PremiumAxolotl. Just some random person who made this clan. I can't really do anything to special, but I do consider myself to be an absolute pro at Redstone. I also play 2b2t, and am a pretty well known person, who developed a few exploits on that server.

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